About aMASE

aMASE: advancing Migrant Access to Health Services in Europe is a European Commission funded study. It is part of a Network of Excellence called Eurocoord which has a specific section focused on migrant health; aMASE forms part of this work and is made up of two parts: a clinic study and a community study.

 aMASE Community Study

The aMASE community study is an online survey. It focuses on the barriers to accessing health care for migrant communities. The survey is open to all migrants, whether they are living with HIV or not. Information from this study will be used to help plan services and ensure that the best care is available for everyone in Europe, no matter where they come from.

The community survey takes around 15 minutes to complete. To take part you just have to be aged 18 or over and living outside your country of birth. Taking part will make a difference to you, your family and your community. Take part in the community study.

 aMASE Clinic Study

A lot of people become infected with HIV once they have left their home country, but it is unclear just how many do so. As a result, HIV prevention services suitable for migrant groups receive relatively little funding. The aMASE clinic study is a clinic-based survey which is completed by people who already know they are living with HIV. This survey aims to recruit 4000 migrants who have been living with HIV for less than 5 years. There are 40 participating clinics/hospitals across Europe.

The clinic study designed to help those who plan prevention and treatment services by providing strong evidence about the amount of HIV infection acquired by migrants once they have moved to Europe. The clinic survey will also explore the barriers to receiving treatment and care faced by people living with HIV.

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